About Cat

Hi, my name is Cat and I read books.

81406416_10158004114041528_4013719304015970304_oI am a registered nurse clinician (RN)  in Montréal, Québec and I work on the transplant unit at the Centre universitaire de Montréal. I am an avid book reader and would love to share my thoughts of them. I read mostly YA and adult fiction but when the storyline seems interesting enough for me, the genre doesn’t matter.

Reading aside, I enjoy playing the flute and ukulele. I also love crochet, writing and graphic designs. I sometimes stream Overwatch on my Twitch account and I am a NASA and space enthusiast 🚀. If I could describe myself in one word, it would probably be: couch potato. I procrastinate way too much for a human being and I hope that this blog is going to help me get some organizing skills and motivation I could use.

Starting a blog was something I had envisaged a long time ago but was always afraid of doing it. I am not someone who is usually outspoken and I rarely write reviews on Goodreads. But I do have an opinion about each book I read, which made me realize that it was time to put my shyness on the side and start this adventure!

Books and the book community have always been there for me in my moments of need and I feel like I am finally giving back by talking about them and giving them the praise they deserve.

No two person ever read the same book.

– Edmund Wilson

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